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We are a Private Limited Company which has been set up to fulfil the customers requirements by supplying a range of products to Health Care, Life Sciences and Industrial markets.

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Airflow Solutions are an independent supplier who work with a number of well established manufacturers, thus giving an unbiased opinion and are able to source the ideal product to meet with our customer's requirement.

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Ductless Fume Cupboards & Hoods

Ductless Fume Cupboards and Hoods are an efficient and economical solution of containing chemical fume hazards, a recirculatory carbon filtration fume hood can be supplied, either installed directly on the Laboratory bench or on a mobile trolley. An important feature to consider is that Ductless Fume Hoods are portable, they can be moved easily to wherever the laboratory procedures are undertaken.

They come in various standard sizes, from 400mm wide to 1500mm wide and can be fitted with various ancillaries, these include sinks, drip cups, water taps and gas taps etc.

Ductless Fume Hood eliminates the need and difficulty of installing new Fume Cupboards, one should consider the disruptive work connected with the installation of ducting along with the capital cost of the equipment required plus the planning consent needed is sometimes expensive and always time consuming – you should also consider the loss of "conditioned air" from the laboratory when a ducted system is installed.

All Ductless Fume Hoods are fitted with carbon filters for fume removal and HEPA filters for particulates, or a combination of both. They work by purifying air drawn through the filters and returning it thoroughly cleaned back into the room.

Ductless systems are not suitable for all Laboratory procedures

Why not ask for a free risk assessment service.

What are your risks? What chemicals are you using? What amounts? We will be happy to help and advise you.

Purair Ductless Fume Cupboard
Purair Ductless Fume Cupboard